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    Unanswered: How to clear a Datasheet.


    I have a search Form that shows results in a datasheet view. When the form first pops-up all the records are shown in a Datasheet. I also have text field where the user types in a search value and hit a button search to search for the specific value in the table and shows the results again in that datasheet clearing the previous results if there is no match the Default results are shown. I also have one button that completely clears the Datasheet and nothing shows in the Datasheet. But I don't know how can I clear the Datasheet when a user clicks that Button.

    I want when the clear button is clicked the Datasheet should get cleared and nothing should be shown. How can I do this. Any help is appreciated.

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    Why clear the datasheet?

    If it is for data entry, then set the data entry property to true, then requery or refresh I get them mixed up, and the data sheet will be cleared.

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