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    Red face Unanswered: Poblem of ora-00600

    I am falled into trouble for the crash of the oracle database.
    The version is 8.1.6 for Tru64 Unix 4.0G. The eror message when startuping of the database is as the following:

    SVRMGR> startup
    ORACLE ʵ
    ϵͳȫϼ 39338408ֽ
    Fixed Size 94632 bytes
    Variable Size 30896128 bytes
    Database Buffers 8192000 bytes
    Redo Buffers 155648 bytes
    ORA-00600: ??????????: [3051], [82], [73], [], [], [], [], []
    ORA-00600: ??????????: [733], [8388688], [pga heap], [], [], [], [], []

    The duration causing the problem is that I did attempyed to insert about 1G bytes of data into a table.
    What I should to next for this problem?
    Or can anyone tell me the reason that causing this problem?

    I am fresh for oracle.

    WF Gun

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    I am so pleased to reply my question.
    The problem is included in the situation causing the ora-00600 error code in the document.
    The system cache was overflow. The problem was solved by restoring the vmunix backupped before.

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