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    Unanswered: opinions requested

    I'm interested in anyones opinion on storing images in mysql directly as blob types vs. as pathnames to files stored in the servers filespace.

    My aim here is for speed. I can envisage the db having a few thousand records for unique images, stored over about 4 tables. Users will be able to search for images whose attributes match various inputs and in return they can expect to recieve the images that match these criteria.

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    i would go for storing pathnames, it would be much easier to expand and to split data over harddrives.. it's easy to make links to 10 different drives but i dont like the idea of splitting the table into 10 pieces over 10 drives..

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    Querying images? You don't work for Autonomy do you?

    I concur. Pathnames every time (even though I use blobs in some of my dbs). You're putting the load on the web server (to return the image) rather than the database and the web server (query, then return) that way. Faster.

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