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    Question Unanswered: Sybase/PHP/Apache for Use on Large Scale E-Commerce Site?


    We are currently looking into a db to use for a potentially large scale e commerce web site. We're expecting many transactions as well as monthly client subscriptions and a large number of image paths to be stored.

    I'm not a database expert so I won't know the little details, but I'll give what info I can think of. The site will allow users to create e-commerce site online, and give them a control panel where they can manipulate the design, etc. We'd like to be able to have an application where we can administer changes to the site contents and layout as well. This need not be on the web as the servers are in-house. We will eventually be looking into clustering servers as well. The only other concern is that we need to have large file uploads... sometimes 30MB or more. We plan to store this on disk so our only concern is with the upload process. Although this isn't Sybase related, we would plan to use PHP so if that can't handle large uploads, then we would have a problem. We were going to use a component with ASP.NET that is designed for large uploads, but with PHP I don't believe there is an efficient way of doing this, correct? Is it possible to upload a large file like that with PHP and if so, could I see an example site? We will be using support forums and would like to use vBulletin, but that is written in MySQL, so we may need something written on that end. I'm probably forgetting some features we'd like, but if anyone has some helpful insight, please post.

    We're currently thinking of using MSSQL 2000 and ASP.NET / VS.NET, but would like to see if Sybase would do a better job with PHP and Apache instead. The reason I'm questioning this setup is the high cost to run it and the fact that I see many perl/cgi e commerce sites that are fairly large.



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    Hi Mark,

    We currently run a large-scale vBulletin install that we converted from MySQL to Sybase ASE 12.5:

    We use Apache, PHP, and ASE 12.5

    It runs very very well with a significantly lower cost than Oracle, DB2, or MS SQL. Plus it is all on Linux so you're not stuck to the (somewhat limited) WinTel architecture.

    There will be an official vB2 Sybase version in the next couple of weeks (authored by me). I am not sure as to the cost of the vBulletin Sybase version (will be officially supported by Jelsoft).


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