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    Unanswered: DoCmd.OpenReport WhereCondition prblms

    I am trying to utilize two simple where conditions populated by a click on a listbox and on the second one a query window pops up with my selected variable?

    For example I click on a listbox to get the "intPosCrnt" value and then click on another list box to get the "strStat" value. I display the the following string in a label box to see what is happening and it looks great. However, on the DoCmd a window pops up with the value I selected in the second listbox as the query name. Wow, what is happening?

    strTest = "APPosID = " & intPosCrnt & " AND AppPos!Status = " & strStat

    .DoCmd.OpenReport "AppPosStatus", acViewNormal, , WhereCondition:="" & strTest

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    What's this AppPos!Status in your where condition. I don't think it should be there. Remove AppPos!.


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