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    Unanswered: Retrive data in unix to windows


    Can someone provide me suggestions/web links where I can get information on retriving Oracle 8i tables running in SCO-UNIX and viewing the DB in windows....using ODBC or any other choices

    Purpose is to generate windows based reports...using crystal reports


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    In Crystal Reports you can use ODBC to Oracle DB to create your reports.

    I think, Crystal Reports could be intergated with VB for this purpose. Check on some VB forum better. With ODBC it does not matter what is the back end. It is all data.

    Check the latest Oracle DBA forums:

    Hope that helps,

    Senior Oracle DBA

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    RE: Retrive data in unix to windows

    We are working with Attachmate Extra Personal Client 32 bit to get the unix environment in the windows machine.

    I have worked with Crystal reports and VB environment. But I am not sure how to get data from a Oracle DB running in UNIX remote server to my machine in windows using any reporting tools.

    Please explain.....whether ODBC works for this too!!

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