I'm writing a PHP/MySQL web app that allows users to download software that's stored in LONGBLOB fields within a MySQL database.
By tweaking the MySQL system variables, I've been able to upload .ZIP files that are about 2MB in size, however I really need to be able to upload files that are about 18MB into my LONGBLOBs.
The problem is that MySQL seems to time-out while the loading process is taking place, and after a longer upload, will return errors (error 12) until the MySQL daemon is killed and restarted (after which, I can download the stored binary data without any errors whatsoever)(???).
Does anyone have any suggestions for MySQL run-time variable settings that will allow me to upload large files? I've modified php.ini to allow 5-minute timeouts and 150MB uploads (it's a development system); all I need to do is load this database, then I can copy it out to other servers...but I have to have one good copy of the database! Please note: Unfortunately, for security purposes (and because the design of the project is not wholly determined by myself) it is not an option to store the files in the file system; they *must* reside in the LONGBLOBs.

Many thanks in advance for your time and consideration!!!!