I am developing a solution for a client that greatly expands their ability to track certain types of returned items. Several necessary files are provided by their existing Access97 financial package. The financial package has its own workgroup and permissions. My client just informed me that he wants my application run from OUTSIDE that workgroup. He wants the users to be able to interact with the data in his financial package without giving them the ability to open Access and get into the backend of that application directly. My application is effectively secured by VBA code and will not allow anyone to view or get at anything within it so they will be unable to "tinker" with the linked tables.
My question is this: "Is it better to use a shortcut that points to the mdb and an mdw, or is there some way to pass workgroup data to the backend by code when disk reads and writes must be done? If I do use the shortcut routine, what is the proper nomenclature to pass a UserID and a Password transparently to the person clicking the shortcut? (I haven't had the opportunity to use this method before.)