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    Unanswered: Database corruption with replication

    I am using Access 2000. I have one database as the master and two replica's. One replica is on the web server and it receives data from a Cold Fusion Internet Program. The master database is located on a separate server. The other replica is located on a network server and has a Microsoft Access front end. The average size of all of these databases is approximately 500 MB.

    The replica on the web server and the master are doing fine. But the replica with the Microsoft Access frontend corrupts all the time with the message "unrecognized format". Sometimes everyday, sometimes several times during the day. I just keep repairing and compacting the replica.

    The majority of users of the Microsoft frontend are Windows 2000 and at least two are Windows NT. The Windows NT machines have both Access 2000 and 97 on them.

    The servers that the databases are on are all Windows 2000.

    I would appreciate ANY help in (1) how to track what causes it to corrupt(2) how to stop it (3) any thing else I should know so that the grief of this problem goes away

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    I am interested in knowing replica in more details. How does replica work ? For example, if 2 users want to synchronize a customer table. For example, both users has a record with CusID = 001, however one has CusName of Smith and one has John. What happens when they synchronize ?


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