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    Unanswered: Creating a Login Form for MS Access 2002

    I am currently working on a "Help Desk Database project for TAFE". And one of the things I would like to know how to do is create a logon screen where the help desk operator enters there username and password and them accepts them, and allows them to move on. To enter calls etc.........

    It needs to be able to reject the person giving them an error about either there password or username is not correct and then the abiltity for them to type it back in again.

    There will be other people using this database like a Tech and a Manager so there will need to be some sort of drop down box allowing them to select there area of work..

    An example would be username help1 and pass: helppass
    username tech1 pass: techpass
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Well, you'll need a user table with a user_id, user_name, and password fields.

    Then you'll need an unbound SignOn form with a user name combo box based on your user table, and an unbound field for your password.

    The "OK" button on this form should validate the user name and the password against the values on the user table. You can use DLookup calls for this.

    For a ready-made application that will do all this for you and more, see our LASsie (light application security) application at

    Hope this helps,
    Peter De Baets
    Peter's Software - Microsoft Access Tools for Developers

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    Here is a quick example that you can use for a login form. It is written in access 2000 as I do not have access 2002 yet. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.

    Type the following:

    User Name = John
    Password = password

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    Cool procedure/form!

    Another little trick I use, to prevent certain types of people from breaching security, is put the Quit command in the OnClose procedure on your login form. That way, when trying to bypass the password by going into design mode, it's bye bye!

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