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    Unanswered: filter records in combo box

    I was trying to filter records from a combo box in a form, I received an error message said “Type Mismatch in Expression”. It means a join expression is attempting to join the two tables on fields of incompatible data types, according to Microsoft Access Help.

    I checked the data type in the Lookup table for the combo box. There are two fields in the table, one is autonum and the other is text.

    Here is how I set up the properties for combo box in the form:
    Row Source- tblLookup
    Column count – 2
    Column widths – 0”;2”
    Bound column – 1
    It stores the values in column 1 but displays the values in column 2.

    Can you see where the problems at?


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    Hey Alice,

    I would like to help you. Can you show how your trying to filter from the combo box? What is your complete procedure?


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