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    Unanswered: Printing in a multiuser (Terminal Service)

    I've created an Access 2000 database that will are available to multiple users in my company through Terminal Service. The users are able to add, delete and update records, but are unable to print reports to their local printers. The users are accessing the DB at different locations of the city. Also, I have not split the database yet because I'm new to the multiuser environment and I wanted to take my time before I go further into it. My only problem right now is PRINTING REPORTS, can anyone PLEASE HELP ME. THANKS.

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    Printing in TS environment.

    Hi Darkwing,

    I can recommend 'Terminal Services for Windows 2003 advanced technical design guide' which has a detailed explanation of how printing works over TS.

    Not sure what your specific problem is but essentially, when logging on to TS, their default printer should be picked up on;

    IF: 'Printers' is selected within their remote desktop settings (On local resources tab) - Should be as its the default.

    AND: Printer driver is installed on Terminal server for that printer

    BUT: Some issules i.e. driver name needs to be same on server and client machine - There are simple solutions to these issues, although I would recommend purchasing the book as it full of useful TS information.

    For further help, please post more information on the problem you are experiencing.

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