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    Unanswered: Gui based performance tuning

    Hey guys, I have installed oracle 8i on my solaris sparc machine, Trying to understand performance tuing concepts.

    I want to play around with Oracle Expert unitlity and the performance manager. I don't have these tools by default. Could you let me know where I can download these products. I went to the oracle website couldn't find these particular products.

    I also have the CD's of oracle 8i enterprise edition.

    Thanks for your help guys

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    Oracle's tools are part of the Enterprise Manager Suite. You get a few basics for free, but then you have to buy the addiction Packs: Diagnositcs, Tuning, etc.

    If you are just getting started, I would suggest that you first look at the Trial Download version of Quest's Spotlight on Oracle. It is expensive, but it has the best GUI I've seen for tuning. Another product you may want to look at is BMC's DBAXRay for Oracle - More cost effective, but I haven't actually used it - the web site looks good.

    Spotlight is really cool. I'm just allergic to their licensing policies - very expensive for unix and PER SERVER!! DBAXray is 2,500 per NAMED USER!

    Best wishes.

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