Hi! We have an old SQL 6.5 database at our office and we are currently trying to move it to SQL 2000, but we are having some difficulties.

I've tried the SQL server switch but then i got in to trouble....


when i run maintenence wizard for that database i get this error:
Can't allocate space for object 'table' in database 'DB' because the 'default' segment is full. If you ran out of space in Syslogs, dump the transaction log. ......

the thing is, the database is 2Gb large, the USED size of the log is less then 2mb but i have increased the logspace to 4Gb so there is no way i can run out of space in syslogs.
and there is at least 400mb of free space in the database...
what am i doing wrong?

one other thing i found was this error when i ran "DBCC newalloc":
Table Corrupt: Page linkage is not consistent; check the following pages: (current page#=2454390; page# pointing to this page=2454389; previous page# indicated in this page=2454390)
can the maintenence wizard correct this problem?

the third question is this, the last Sysadmin who does not work here anymore, had the annoying tendency to use huge logdevices for more than one database, i really dont like it this way.
Can i move one database to another smaller device, just dedicated to this database?

And the most strange thing I ever encountered, when we tried to move the SQL 6.5 to the SQL 2000 machine, there was an error saying something about duplicate keys, how is this possible on a column that acts as primary key?
I've tried this
"select count(COLUMN1),COLUMN1 from TABLE1 group by COLUMN1 having count(COLUMN1) < 1 "
But zero rows where returned.