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    Unanswered: Form Validation using Default NavigationButtons. !! HELP NEEDED!!!

    I have a Form that is used to edit the records. I also have an Access default NavigationButtons to move arround the records. Now what I want is that if a user edit any record and try to move to some other record using NavigationButtons I want to validate all the fields before moving to other record. If my data is valid I move to other record, but in case if the data is not valid I don't want to move to other record and stay at the current till fixed.

    I try to validate the record in my Form_BeforeUpdate() when I click the NavigationButton some how it still moves to the next record even if the data is invalid. How can I stop moving to the next record if the data is not valid. Also I am not using Custom NavigationButtons, I am using the default NavigationButtons. Any help is appreciated.

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    BeforeUpdate event has an ability to cancel updates.
    Just set: Cancel=True.
    It'll cancel navigation too.


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