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    Unanswered: TEXT to big? / get 'The page cannot be displayed'

    I created a database with a 4 fields, two id fields, one varchar(15) and one text.

    I then created a script to query and list the information, making it look all pretty. The problem is that after I added the 7th record, I could no longer get to my page, I got the "The page cannot be displayed" error.

    I deleted the last record, and went to the page, and it worked fine, listing the 6 entries. I added a 7th record again with less information in the TEXT field, and my page worked. Deleted and added the 7th record again with a little more information, and my page died.

    I could not find any errors in apache, mysql, or php being generated.

    I thought it could be a setting in MySQL, but because I can't see any errors, I don't know where to start.

    (I need over 255 characters for the text field, so making the table smaller is not an option.)

    Please also note I am running this all on Windows XP Pro.

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    did you allready try 'MEDIUMTEXT' and 'LONGTEXT' ?

    and, maybe you could paste the code for further debugging.

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