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    Unhappy Unanswered: Turbo Pascal

    Hope I have the right forum for this, I'm using Turbo Pascal and can't figure out what type variable the one named "CurrMin" is supposed to be below>

    Procedire SortEmpName; {starts on line 163 in the attached code}
    Pass : word;
    CurrMin : char; {this is the one}
    For Pass := 0 to filesize(InFile) -1 do {InFile is the name of the 'typed' file as opposed to a pure text file}
    seek(InFile, Pass);
    read(InFile, CurrMin); {heres where i get a 'type mismatch'}

    I'm trying to sort a list of employees.
    And yes, this is part of a course I'm doing :-( right now this is my last resort for help!

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    Cool solved

    i solved this one myself and hour later. the type should have been datakey if i recollect correctly :-)

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