Hi, the boss wants to be able to send out the latest prices to all our customers, a maximum of around 1.500, simultaneously(or however you spell that word). One mail to all. Doesn´t have to be individualized.

I have built functions that pick up either mailadresses or faxnumbers and transfer them to a correctly formated "to" field in outlook. That will do the trick for smaller amounts of mails and faxes. But not for the instances when we want to send to all addresses at once, I suppose!?

Anyone have any experience of sending out large amounts of faxes and mails directly from Access? My boss talks about Jfax Blast. But as I can see it they can only do 100 addresses per list. Can I export our contacts to lists automatically divided in hundreds?

Are there other services out there than JFAX? Anyone know any good ones?

And then the mail of course. Suppose I need some bulk mailer or something. And set the smtp to our isp:s smtp server, bypass our own, so it doesnt have to send them one at a time. Maybe ISPs object to this... Or how does that work when you have your addresses with commas? Will it be one mail or 1500? I am in Thailand now and the mailserver is in the UK so I cant really test it. DOnt really want to test to mail to 1500 customers even if I was in England...
BTW how many addresses can Outlook handle at a time in the addressfield?

My boss thinks is a very simple task to solve and gave me approx 2 days to fix it. Haha.

Appreciate all experiences and comments!