I have a list box called lstUserList with 2 columns. Column 1 contains names. Column 2 contains email addresses. Bound column is 2. Here's my code for what I'm doing:

Dim strList as String
Dim intIndex as integer
Dim intItem as integer

For intIndex = 0 to Me.lstUserList.ItemsSelected.Count - 1
intItem = Me.lstUserList.ItemsSelected - intIndex
strList = strList & Me.lstItemData(intItem) & "; "

MsgBox strList
When only email address is selected from the list, the MsgBox displays

ThisPerson@thisaddress.com; - This is correct.

When multiple email addresses are selected from the list, the MsgBox displays:


thisaddress.com; ThatPerson

thataddress.com; Me


This is not correct. It seems like the "@" is being treated as a carriage return. How would I correct this to make the output show as:

ThisPerson@thisaddress.com; ThatPerson@thataddress.com; Me@overhere.com