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    Good morning,

    I am looking for a solution (with a MySQL database and PHP) to publish lists of titles from a table in alphabetic order. But I want to go one step further than simple ORDER BY title.

    I also need to have everything starting with an "A" to be on one page and everything starting with an "B" on a second page, and everything starting with an "C" on a third page ... etc. And of course within these pages everything also has to be alphabetically ordered.

    How do I do this ? Does anyone know or have a good reference where I can find more information about this.

    Some help is highly appreciated.



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    just add a php variable ...

    $char = 'a';

    SELECT title FROM table WHERE title = '$char*' ORDER BY title;

    then increase $char on the second page to the value 'b' ...

    maybe this helps...

    so long

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