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    Angry Unanswered: Truncated Memo Fields In Linked Tables

    I look throught many topics on this system i didnt see one that quite matched, so here's the issue. I have a fully patched access 2000 db that i am using to link to an instance of Remedy ARS to pull daily reports. I am trying to build in some automation with access and this seems to work fine for all the fields except the memo fields which truncate at 201 characters. This is driving me crazy... I have successfully retrieved the same data with msquery and excel and imported it into the access db manually and it worked fine with no truncation. as a test i linked to the spreadsheet as i did the Oracle db and i got the exact same truncation. very odd. If anybody is up to the challange i would really appreciate it... Scott

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    I remember reading somewhere that memo fields in linked tables are treated as string fields and therefore get truncated at 255 or whatever the max is for string fields.
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