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    Unanswered: Distinct Query PROBLEM

    I am needing to do a distinct query on 2 address fields, add1 & add2 only. There are at one address for instance 4 clients registered to that address - hence the distinct query. But if I do a distinct on all fields it will return all 4 clients from that address.

    I then did the below query on the 2 add fields - but cannot figure out how i display Forename & Surname to a single address. Any Forename & Surname can be used from the address can be used if that helps !

    SELECT DISTINCT tbl_Client_Info.Add1, tbl_Client_Info.Add2
    FROM tbl_Client_Info;

    Any help much appreciated.

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    I think you need more than one query here.

    First group forenames based on surnames and address.

    Then query for address instance only.

    Then query the two querires to achieve the desired result

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