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    Unanswered: Disadvantages of installing another DLL on Sql Server Box

    Hi All,

    We are planning to install a Visual Basic component on one of our Sql Server Box which is also the Production Box.This Component will get started at some scheduled time,do some extract,generate an output XML file and then die.This process is a non-stop process and will be running everyday.Now my question here is that what are the disadvantages/problems of installing another Component on the sql server Box(under Winnt/System32)?Won't there be any Memory problem on the Sql Server,Performance Degradation,restart of the Server and all???


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    You wont have any problems with memory etc. I do similar things all the time the best solution i have found is

    1) Create an ActiveX DLL with all the stuff you need.
    2) Host it under MTS or COM+ (which ever makes no difference)
    3) Build an NT service that calls starts the DLL.

    Using this you can stop start pause or can the dll at any time also its a lot safer being managed by MTS/COM+. If you want the code for the NT service email me. (it inlcuded full details for scheduling etc) We have had this in production for 2 years and it hasnt died once.

    Hope it helps.

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