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    Unanswered: Re: Reports - Mail Merge

    Re: Reports - Mail Merge
    I have created a report which is a letter to clients. My database has a main form which displays client information and a subform which displays information about related documents.

    The 2 problems I am having are as follows:-

    1. When there is no data to display in an address fields i.e Address Line 4
    How do I delete (move up) the fields in the report, so the address is compact.

    2. The sub report is inserted into the main report and there may be 1 or 10 documents listed. How do I make the sub-report expand and shrink depending on how many documents there are?

    The main report is called "Mail merge letter" and the sub report is "yes clients from doc info"

    i have attached the database if thats helps

    Any help would be marvelous

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    Can Grow, Can Shrink in properties should fix this

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