A new error message in a java application running for several months:

This error happened many times right after an increase of maxlock in DB2 and an increase in the java application heap size.

[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL0727N An error occurred during implicit system action type '2'. Information returned forthe error includes SQLCODE "-204", SQLSTATE "42704" and message tokens "ADMINISTRATOR.tablename". SQLState=56098.

Checked on IBM Message Reference, SQL0727N eturns the following:

Cause: The processing of a statement or command has caused the database manager to implicitly perform additional processing. During this processing an error was encountered. The action attempted is shown by the "<action-type>":

1 implicit rebind of a package
2 implicit prepare of a cached dynamic SQL statement
3 implicit regeneration of a view

What does "implicit prepare of a cached dynamic SQL statement" mean? How do I avoid this error again?

Any idea, suggestion? Thanks.