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    Unanswered: Opinions wanted

    I have a quick question.
    I am considering training for SQL200. Possibly as a career change. But, before I take that step, I wanted to ask all you guru's what I might expect from the job market?
    Or instead of SQL2000 should I consider a different database (Oracle, etc)?
    I currently program C++.

    I know I should probably have posted this in a different section, but I felt that this will get more of the traffic I am after.

    Thanks for any input. Also, feel free to email me if that is a better option.


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    is money your priority? what exactly are you looking for?

    I worked with sql as a developer and loved it so much i starting doing database administration, but money was not the motive. it was the enjoyment.

    if money is your motive but oracle makes more. if enjoyment is your motive, you'll have to decide between the two.

    the job market is "decent" for ppl who have 3 years experience and pretty darn good for 6 years+

    If you have 0 years experience adminstration but more years of SQL Development, youmight have better luck becoming a SQL Developer first then a DBA.
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