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    Unanswered: Upper Case text at table level

    In Access there is a format property at the table->Field Definition level. In this format property one can force all characters typed in to default to upper case by using the expression '>'. What is the equivalent in SQL server?

    I have looked into the UPPER function but all examples seem to be for TSQL or DTS. I am looking for a solution at the table, rule or 'user defined type' level. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm kinda new at SQL server so I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions "spelled out"..

    I've played around with the following line in a constraint and in a rule to no success.

    UPPER (@MyField)

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    Had to make some changes but i manged to get it in as a rule without SQL server complaining. However. It doesn't seem to do anything still.

    The rule which i used is as follows

    @MyField = UPPER(@MyField)

    I then went and bound the rule to the field in question.
    Typed in some lower case letters and it didn't convert or prompt.

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