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    Unanswered: Converting MS Access Report to Word

    I have an annoying problem with converting Access reports into Word.

    I preview a report. Then when I click on the “Publish it with MS Word”, it opens up Word & converts the report into Word. However,
    1. the formatting is changed (sometimes bar lines don’t show up, and the arrangement is slightly changed)
    2. additional characters are added (usually parts of the field names)
    3. Info is truncated (especially memo fields. This I’ve found a Microsoft bug report on their website)

    Any thoughts? I’m looking for something that’s easy to implement. I have read about writing a VBA procedure to export more cleanly. Ugh, because I have multitudes of reports.


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    If it is any consolation I have similar problems.

    Access conversion to RTF format does not support graphics, lines, charts, bars and so on will vanish.

    Apparently you can only keep your lines and graphics in a snapshot view.

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    Have you considered using the pdf-format?

    Exporting through VBA is possible, very flexible, but some work indeed.
    For example, you may use a word-template with bookmark, and cycle through all the bookmarks from within Access.
    If you really need to export memo-fields to a Word environment, this might be your thing.

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