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    Question Unanswered: To make Compulsary a sub form in a main form

    Can anyone assist me with this little problem.
    Simply put I have a main form called works card and a subform called Invoice tracking. A user can step around the subform and not enter any data, and save the record and exit. What is required is that the user must be forced to enter some details in the subform before being allowed to save and exit the main form. I have played with the after update events of both forms (as I beleive this is correct area to do such things) but can't seem to get anything to work. Is it possible to make the subform a compulsary object like you can do to feilds so that they have to be filled?
    Thanks in advance

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    I think you would set up a field validation method in VBA using a for next loop on the sub form to ensure completion of the appropriate fields.

    Within the code for this validation you would enter a bln parameter. If the required fields where not complete you would then make the bln=False.

    You would return this value to the main form and trigger appropriate actions according.

    This will take a bit of setting upand palying around, but still it should work.

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