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    Angry Unanswered: Parameter Prompt - From Where?

    I have been modifying an existing applicaiton for a few weeks now, and have it very close to working how I would like it to work.

    The problem I am experiencing is driving me loopy. When I ask the app to open a report it is asking for BusinessName and then BusinessAddress as a parameter.

    The probelm I have is I can not for the life of me see where this coming from. So far I have tried the following.

    Stepped through code looking for a call to a query or SQL statement.

    Run through all the on board queries to see if the parameters are called by any.

    Checked the properties for every text box and label on the form to see if they contain any reference to business name or address.

    Moved any referencing to businessXX to code to ensure no bogus calls.

    Imported all the application to a new database.

    Typed bogus information into the parameter prompt to try and locate the originating object.

    Nothing is working, no matter what I do or try this parameter prompt keeps coming up - I am at a loss. Any ideas, thoughts,guesses, wild stabs in the dark, esp, or what have you are welcome.

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    I think I have accidently done this MANY times recently. Check to see if you have misspelled the field names in question. If Access can't find a field it assumes that it's a parameter.

    EX: SELECT my_Otherfield FROM mytable WHERE myfield = piMyfield

    piMyfield is my incoming parameter. I should get prompted for (or provide) its value.

    my_Otherfield is typed incorrectly, it should have been myOtherfield. Access doesn't know that, so it assumes my_otherfield is ALSO a parameter...

    Sorry if this was written poorly...

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    Have you looked at the Sort by/Group by dialog box?

    You may find your mystery field names resting there, trying to sort or group your reports content on opening (fooled me several times as well :-)

    Hope this helps

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    Report programming is a little different to form programming. When I first started manipulating the
    report outcome it was very difficult to get the code to run at all, let alone actually output something
    other than a standard field.

    Eventually I found that the header was causing the problem, although this is not strictly true either.

    The recordsource for the report is a query which populated some of the detail section. The header section
    is populated from code. Removing the query removed the problem, but also caused other problems.

    The problem was eventually solved by adding the business details to the query and then populating the
    header from the query.

    However, this still does explain the call for the parameters.

    1: There were more than BusinessName and BusinessAddress in the header, also BusinessSuburb, Phone,
    Fax, Email and Website.

    2: None of the fields had BusinessName or Business Address as their name or control source

    3: The only reference to Business Name in code is in a module, called from the report code this module
    is third back coming from the report to module1 then onto module2 before returning.

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    Did you check to see if there were parameters in the query properties?

    While in query design mode, right click on the designer and choose parameters. Perhaps there are parameters listed there.

    Just a thought.....
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    There were never, have never been and will never be parameters set for the report query. I do not need parameters as any required values are manipulated in code.

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