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    Red face Unanswered: adding records to MySQL via ASP

    Hi, I'm new to ASP/MySQL and have a small problem adding records to a MySQL table which I believe is a syntax problem.

    My local W2K/IIS5 development model uses an Access DB and everything works fine. The remote server is Linux with MySQL.

    The problem relates to the MySQL DB reporting as "read only" when I try to insert a record using a web page form-based input.

    I can insert records into the MySQL table manually via a Telnet client so I know the table works OK.

    I can query the table via a web page and retrieve data OK, it's only trying to add new records that is the problem.

    Can anyone please advise the typical syntax I should use to open a MySQL table for editing via ASP from a web page?

    Thanks in advance


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    Panic over.....I've just sussed it. It's all working now.

    Maybe I shouldn't be doing this after midnight! <g>

    Greg ~)

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