can anyone out there help me pls ,can anybody gives some example on
adoprimaryrs.find and adopirmaryrs.filter

i have learned that
adoprimaryrs.filter="[SQL column name] like *" & Text1.Text & "*'"
yeap i am currently using sql to test this code,wad i wan to know is
whether that "filter" works with column which is datetime type,i try before exactly the same way....but it doesn`t work with datetime column

but it will work with string type column...oh well does anyone out there know this answer pls....because i wan to search a record based on date which is a datetime datatype hehe..

ya adoprimaryrs.filter="[SQL column name] = *" & Text1.Text & "*'"
will this work????i try already ,it won`t work with = sign
instead it will work with "Like" any suggestion towards the coding above pls tell me...pls pls pls

ya give me more example on adopirmaryrs.filter