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    Red face Unanswered: Software Environment


    I have just finished protyping a development in Access and would like to distribute it to others - some of whom may not have Access. There are a couple of points here....

    i) Both the back-end and front-end are written using standard Access facilities. Is there a better, easy to use, inexpensive, front-end development tool I could use to improve things (if only to allow back-end scalability for the future).

    ii) Is there a reliable and inexpensive back-end which could be an Access substitute for distributing to those who don't have Access.

    Data <=50k records
    Networked users <=5
    Platform = Windows (various)

    I quite like the idea of an Intranet solution for portability but I'm not experienced enough to be able to judge what is best.

    Your wealth of knowledge would be greatly appreciated.



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    You are asking for a better, but still cheap tool... gosh...

    Yep, the web is your only way out as I see it.
    It is actually quite easy, so buy a book, pick a platform (php, ASP, CGI, etc), pick a database (Access, MySQL, etc), get server space, and start fiddling..

    Hope this helps...

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