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    Unanswered: Query Criteria Help

    I Have A query that returns the Sum of "Dollar Value Sold" Fields of 12 separate Queries to be used in a budget report.
    Each of the Separate queries returns part of "a global market" ie. S E Asia, North Am etc, based on results in a table.
    Now the criteria is Monthly result.
    Now can I set the SUM query to Automatically set the criteria in the underlying 12 Queries, that it is based on, for values over a Month period.
    Say I want the results for each markets sales over April, the user types in the Month once and all is done .

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    I would set the month criteria in your twelve sub queries. To prevent being prompted for twelve values the same, I would use a form field as the criteria.

    So under the month column in the Query grid you would have criteria like

    This can be accessed by the expression builder.

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