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    Unanswered: Hide Access '97 database window

    I'm trying to hide the database window in my app. I've done the following:

    1) Un-Checked the "Display database window" on the startup options screen.
    2) Created a custom menu bar to hide the "File" option so that the users can't re-open the database from the list of recently opened databases.

    The problem I'm having is that there is still a "Database" icon on my toolbar, which opens the database window. Is there any "foolproof" way to completely shut off the database window in an app.? Thanks for your help.


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    Not that I know, unless you use code. Your users can also press Shift while opening and disable all of your startup options.
    If you don't code, you can try by minimizing your database and dragging it far down and right on your screen, so it would not be visible right away, most people would not even bother looking for it.
    If you use code there are some useful articles on Microsoft's web site about this.

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