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    Unanswered: Universe Code 20548 with UVODBC

    We recently upgraded our system to Universe 10.0, and since then, I have started receiving error messages from queries in Access applications that used to work. The error message I am getting is:

    ODBC --call failed.
    [Ardent][UVODBC][2300681]Error ID: 46 Severity:ERROR FacilityBCAPERR - UCI Error. Func: SQLFetch(XIO);State S1000; uniVerse code:20548; Msg: [Informix][SQL Client][UNIVERSE]Aborting!. (#20548)

    Has anyone seen this before or have a clue what the problem might be?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Donovan Wilcox

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    More information

    A correction and more info on my previous post -- we upgraded to Universe 9.6.something... not 10.0. We also discovered in the logs on the server that the following error message is showing up whenver we run into this problem:

    Server Shutting Down : I/O Error
    server: system error while reading synchronization token: Connection reset by peer

    Any help in tracking down the source of/solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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    DJ ... did you ever get any help with this problem? The good people on the PICK forum may be able to offer advice, as universe is actually a kissing cousin to PICK. There are many experienced universe users there also.

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