I searched using "large" and "procedure" but could not find anything.
I have some Oracle code I am porting to ms sql server 7/2000 clients.
The code does a join on two tables, where one of the conditional "where" clauses says the equivalent of (where (column if you removed non alpha numerics) equals an input value).

Now it uses TRANSLATE(column...), an Oracle function in its where clause. I don't have the luxury of writing a function to use like that because I have to support ms sql server 7.

Is the best way to do this (to avoid getting a zillion rows back and checking for alpha-numeric matches on the client) to write a stored procedure? If so, can someone make a suggestion, like what sort of parameters to return the results in?

I happen to be using 3rd party api's to access the database, which is another bridge when I get that far.