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    Unanswered: Linking 2 databases - trouble defining relationship (access 97)

    This is my first time designing relational database....

    Ok, I have 2 completed databases - one a fish habitat database and the other a database containing data about flood structures.

    I need to join the 2 together - need one database. I know how to import tables - but am having trouble on defining the first relationship between the 2 database.

    The fish habitat database has a table (called "barrier type") which contains 3 fields (barrier id, description , acronym). The description field contains a record called "flood structures."

    Since my 2nd database contains information about flood structures (its main table is called "flood structures") - I would like to relate the "flood structures" record to the "flood structures" table from the 2nd database.

    I know you cannot link a record to a table - so I am stuck as how to link these two databases - help!

    If you need more info about my problem or the databases i am working with please let me know!

    Until then - thanks for your help


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    In your fish database, find your floodstructure record, and choose lookup as its datatype. This will open the combo box wizard, and enable you to create a combobox of flood structures. As well a relationship will be created for you.

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