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    Unanswered: Access 97 - Rounding

    I am calculating pay amounts using a pay rate field(currency data type) multiplied by number of hours (double data type). Access 97 seems to be rounding up instead of down where rounding down is applicable.

    For example, say an employee works 33.56 hours at a base pay rate of $5.15 an hour.

    33.56 X $5.15 = $172.834

    The correct amount should be $172.83 which is the total rounded down (basic math).

    Access 97 displays the total as $172.84 which is the total rounded up.

    Is there a way to change Access 97's rounding behavior?

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    It sounds like your not really using access to round your figures but instead manipulating your data types to show the values with different formats. Try using the ROUND function instead. It can be used in Access SQL or with VB.

    Round(Expression, n)

    n = decimal places

    Later, Kal

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