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    Unanswered: Missing Access 2000 help topics under Windows XP

    This one is driving me mad. I have a dual boot Windows 98/Windows XP machine. Both operating systems are in separate partitions - in fact they are on physically separate 40Gb drives, C: and D: repectively. I have installed Office 2000 Professional twice - once in the 98 environment and once in the XP environment.

    The problem occurs with the Visual Basic Help (invoked from Access 2000) under Windows XP. When I use the Index>Search facility I get a list of topics as normal. However about 60% of these topics return no help text.

    Yet when I try an identical operation under Windows 98 (i.e. same mdb, same search) I get an identical list of topics and there is help text in the right hand pane for each and every topic!

    I have searched the MS Knowledge Base to no avail. I have tried re-installing Office 2000 under XP. I have left the set up CD in a CD-ROM drive (MS suggestion). I have checked the install parameter for completeness.

    Has anyone any suggestions? Has anyone met this situation before?

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    I had similar problems access 2000 windows 2000, I have no problems now Access XP, Windows XP. There appears to be some differences in the dll supplied for later operating systems post 98.

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