Hi all,

I am having a large DB driven application in Vb which uses MS Access as its Database. Now I want to port the same application to Oracle Database. I have exported the tabels from access to Oracle through ODBC database export functionality of Access.

All the tables of mine are having atleast one field which is AutoNumber which converts to Number in Oracle, and the Vbapplication does not functions properly as the the field which was AutoNumber in Access does not gets inserted in the Database.

Sequences are the alternate of Autonumber, But I have to change all the insert statements in VB application to use the Sequences of Oracle, which is a very tedious job as I am having about 400 tables in my application.

Another option is the Use of triggers on all the tables, which will be fired before insert and the next number gets inserted in the database.

Please guide me which will be work, because this DB migration which I am doing is not a new matter to discuss upon. I am sure there will be some easier way. Please let me know the same.

Thanks in Advance.