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    Question Unanswered: How to write a shell script to do a non interactive login

    How can I write a shell script in order to do a non interactive login, with a specific user name and password. Execute a local existent shell scrip with the logged user environment. I would like to do the same for five different user at the same Unix AIX computer.

    Thanks and best regards

    Mrs. Guadalupe brodbek

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    I am more familiar with solaris but I will give AIX a shot:

    The following is based on AIX 5.1.0:

    You can try the global environment files:

    /etc/profile and /etc/environment - just modify the script to check for the user(s) you want to include in this group. Also, there is a skeleton script file created under /etc/security/.profile. A configuration for security exists for users under /etc/security/user.

    Well, I hope this helps. I have used the /etc/profile script to add additional functionality to help me with specific users.

    Good luck.

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    From the root account the following should work:

    su - <username> -c <command>

    Hope this helps,

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    If you connecting from a different Unix box then you could set up a remote shell and use the 'rsh' command. This allows you to run scripts on a different machine without having to login.

    (HP-UX you need to use the command 'remsh')

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