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Thread: Hey Matt

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    Unanswered: Hey Matt

    I took your advice and went about trying to setup my ASE with CIS (for dynamic sql's)

    It seems I am having problems with having my remote xp server recognise my local server (this is added by the CISXP_SETUP2.SQL script)...I get this error "Unrecognized RPC received--ignored." ....I look in my master..sysservers table and it seems that my servers are listed but I know that my sybase xp server service in services is not started, anytime I try to start it I get a Dr. Watson error, I dont have this problem with starting any of the other services though. Do you think renaming my XP service in regedit to match my xp server name in sysservers will help me start my xp service?

    also I am prompted an error that says

    "A remote server must be set up in master..sysservers,
    pointing to this local server.
    First run the setup scripts CISXP_SETUP1.SQL & CISXP_SETUP2.SQL
    to fix this. These can be downloaded from
    (1 row affected)
    (return status = -1)" when I try to test the my_proc procedure (from the page

    Thing is I have run these to scripts and followed instructions, I know my issue lies with synching my @@server with my local server. In the interfaces file my servername is CFDEV-XBEX but I addedd another entry "CFDEV_XBEX" with a CFDEV-XBEX alias so that the sp_addserver proc would let it go thru....I am rambling to much, do you have any ideas of what to do?
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    Hm, not sure. What is in the XP Server error log? XP Server crashing is a BadThing(TM)


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