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    Unanswered: Oracle 8i,9i client on Windows 2000 Professional

    Hi guys!

    i need help. I have oracle 8i and 9i database server on windows 2000 Advance server.When i try to connect this DB through client(SQL PLUS) on Windows 2000 Professional the following error is generated.
    ora-12560 TNS:Protocol adaptor error.
    TNSping also doesn't work.
    But the client connection works well if i connect through a client on Windows 95,98 or NT machine.
    Plz help me if u come across any idea.

    U can mail me on



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    Re: Oracle 8i,9i client on Windows 2000 Professional

    1. Check if you can ping your W2000 oracle server from your W2000
    client machine both by host name and IP.
    2. Check your tnsnames.ora file that is located on W2000 client machine.

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