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    Question Unanswered: ASP Session or Db-calls


    What will give me the best performance?
    On Session_onStart calling my Db and fetching all the data I need and then just refer to these recordsets throughout the whole session using the filter prperty to filter out the data I need
    or is it it better to just call the Db evertime I need the data?

    Grateful for any answer
    Daniel Martinsson

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    I think you should call your records every time a page is requested, because ASP is cookies based.
    The session it self is nothing but a cookies generated when a session starts, and a unique random number is generated to identify the client's session variables.

    Now, if ASP is going to do the same process for you every time, I suggest not trusting it, and do you work every time.

    This is my personal opnion and I am using it.

    Remember to destroy every object you create.

    Hope this helps
    Khalid Yousef

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