I have a simple technical question - NOT A PROBLEM YET. Unfortunately outside of SQL Server, although somewhat related (sorry, but I had to ask it here since I have seen very many competent answers to "other people's problems"):

What would one use to do effortless (key word here) drive backups (image, ghosting and such) FROM WINDOWS for the purpose of recovery OR EASY transfer of data AND O/S to a different drive for NT4 SERVER? There is O/S option in NT4 Serv. BUT only to do it to a tape not to a different H.D or CD burner.
I have Norton System Works 2002 (with Norton Ghost). This will not install on NT Server. Apparently and unfortunately the same is true for
Drive Image 5.0.

With prices for 72000 rpm IDE HD's UNDER $1/GB it seems - sorry - STUPID not to do it.