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    Hi all,
    I am new to the Sybase world. can anybody help to get started with. ofcourse, I know oracle. I am sure it will help in understanding sybase too.. but, I have very general , basic question that, do I need to have SQL Server, if at all I have to use syabase as my backend(database)..

    any help is welcome.

    Thank you,

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    SQL Server is a Microsoft product. Back-in-the-day, it used to be one-in-the-same as the Sybase product (Sybase wrote the code and let Microsoft port it to the Win32 environment). Since the split, Sybase's product has been called Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (or ASE for short).

    If you want to use Sybase as your backend you can use Sybase ASE (enterprise RDBMS), Sybase IQ (data warehouse), or Sybase SQL Anywhere (light-weight, mobile, etc. RDBMS).


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