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    Unanswered: sql server

    I am a student of MCA. Currently involved in a data warehousing project.I am facing some problems.if anybody solve this problem i will be thankfull to him.I am writing the questions.

    1.How can i import conditional data from a flat file or a excell file to sql server data base?

    2. How to implement “Surrogate keys” for DTS (Data transmission Services ) in SQL Server 2000.

    3. I have one flat file and one database table .We have to extract data by applying certain conditions from these two into a destination database table.

    i. How can i do this job ?
    ii. How can we do this by applying Lookups in SQL Server 2000.

    4. How are additive and non-additive measures are defined in analysis services?

    5. How are numeric and non-numeric measures are defined in analysis services?

    (Note- if anybody knows the answar of any of the above question,please intimate me as quickly as possible.)

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    Import them to some table

    It would be better to simply import the Flat File/Excel to any New Temp table(Permanent Table) and then use Sql Server DTS to export the data from the table just created to the Destination using the condition in Sql Query.
    Hope this helps

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