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    Unanswered: Install problem with Oracle 8i on Pentium 4


    I've a problem with the instalation of Oracle 8i Client on Pentium 4 processor. I resolved the first problem of the instalation changing the relatives paths of the java resource by copiying the install folder to hard disk, but at the end of the instalation the wizard tell me that some programs have had problems, and when I try to run Network Administration --> Net8 Assistant. The error message says:

    jrew.exe has detecting a problem and have to close.

    ¿Somebody could help me please?

    Tank you.

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    Besides what have you done already, some files changes should be done to make all JAVA Oracle apps to work properly.

    I do not want to repeat whatever was already explained once, so read very carefully the workarounds explained Here and you should be all set.

    Hope that helps,

    OCP -DBA

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