What is the secret of getting oracle 9i to
work with windows-ME? Although oracle
is not 'certified' for win-ME, I understand
that it can be made to work, but never
have gotten enough detailed information
to actually see it through. I know that
the oracle installation wizard is not
set up to handle the peculiarities of
win-ME, so that tweaks of the registry
and other windows files will need to
be done by hand, but what specifically
are the required tweaks?

I have fiddled with tnsnames.ora and
listener.ora files according to some
helpful hints, but my symptoms remain
the same. Whenever I attempt login
(using the predefined user/password
combinations system/manager or
I get 'ORA-12560 TNS protocol adapter
error'. If I also include host string using
my service name 'orcl', I get
'ORA-12541 TNS no listener' error
instead. When I attempt to run
'tnsping orcl' from command line, I get 'TNS-12541 TNS:No Listener' error.
When I attempt to start from command
line 'sqlplus system/manager@orcl' I
get TNS-12541 TNS: No Listener' error.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing
wrong with my tnsnames.ora and
listener.ora. There must be something
else missing or which needs tweaked,
such as ODBC configuration, registry,
or sqlnet.ora file.

Any suggestions?